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Trainings and Consultations


What are the benefits of eLearning for students and trainers? What possible problems could I face and how could I deal with them? Which tools of the online platform will help me better communicate my ideas in class? Who could help me implement my projects into the eLearning platform?

With us, you can find answers to these and many other questions, as well as share your experiences and suggestions.

You could consult us if you have questions regarding:

  • The variety of online tools used in the platform for the purposes of training, scientific work or administrative management.
  • Didactic layout of the educational materials submitted in the electronic platform.
  • Important aspects to consider when planning and developing electronic materials and interactive activities.
  • Coordination and collaboration with other departments when developing eLearning courses.

On-site Consultations

We offer on-site consultations - at university departments, clinics, or other educational units - or in training rooms in different university hospital facilities. Contact us at, call us at 052/677123, 677124, set an appointment with us or just visit us in our office room 304 A in the main university building.


Our center organizes open-door days for teachers and students at the Medical University of Varna including demonstrations and seminars focused on e-learning and specific Blackboard tools. The topics and the seminar schedules can be found on the University's website or under the message board posted on Blackboard. Just call us or email us, indicating which topics you are interested in learning more.


The Center for E-learning and Distance Education at the Medical University of Varna plans to organize one-day seminars, where teachers can share their positive experiences and good practices with colleagues from different university departments. These seminars will also present students' ideas and critiques aiming to improve the effectiveness of the university courses.

Individual Trainings and Consultations

The Center for E-learning and Distance Education at the Medical University of Varna offers individual and group trainings per request at 052-677123 or 052-677124 or at

Our trainings address mainly the following areas:

• Platform-based training tools.

• Support with developing learning content, tests and interactive student activities.

• Student's training and assistance in electronic testing and performance.