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Prof. Dr. Paraskeva Mancheva Draganova MD, PhD, DSc

Катедра: Kinesitherapy
Телефон: +359 52 302 893



Prof. Dr. Paraskeva Mancheva Draganova, MD, PhD, DSc has a master's degree in medicine (MU-Varna) and a master's degree in law (VFU, 2014) with legal capacity (Ministry of Justice – Republic of Bulgaria, 2015).

She has acquired specialties in "Internal Medicine", "Physical Medicine and Rehablitation" and "General Medicine". She specializes in "Abdominal Ultrasound Diagnostics" (National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Sofia – 1993), "Echocardiography" (Department of Cardiology at MU-Varna – 1993). She has undergone training in "Positive Psychotherapy" (Positive Psychotherapy Association Bulgaria-Varna – 1999), "Family Planning" (Sofia, 2000), "Depression and Anxiety" (Brussels, Belgium – 2008), Ayurveda (MU-Varna and "Atreya Ayurveda", Moscow, Russian Federation – 2018), Traditional Chinese Medicine  and Acupuncture, trainer  (MU-Varna and Faculty of Medicine at Tarumanegara University in Jakarta and Faculty of Pharmacy at the Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences – 2018).

She began her teaching career in the Department of General Medicine at MU-Varna in 1999 as an assistant. She defended her educational and scientific degree "Doctor" with a dissertation on "Legal Conscience to Legalize Euthanasia and Quality of Life in Polymorbid Patients with Permanent Disability" and "Doctor of Medical Sciences" with „Medico-social problems of Persons with Disabilities in the System of Disability Medical Assessment" (2018). In 2014 she became head of Training Sector "Rehabilitation", Medical College, MU-Varna (2015-2018). Since 2017 she has been the Director of UCEM-MU-Varna (University Center for Eastern Medicine)

She teaches Kinesitherapy, Rehabilitation, Eastern Medicine and Expertise of Working Capacity to medical students and trainee doctors, Protection and control of Public Health to graduates and courses in Postgraduate Education at MU-Varna. She has participated in five educational and scientific projects, two of which international.


Main scientific developments by fields:

She has over 250 publications and participations in scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad. Her main scientific developments are in the field of medico-social problems of persons with chronic disabling diseases and the prospect of cooperation between Eastern and Western Medicine, as a complementary possibility for the improvement of their holistic health; the medical expertise system (TEMC); organization of the health and social systems; decision-making in common problems in general medical practice; innovative approaches in education.

Monographs, textbooks and books:

  1. Mancheva P. Expertise of working capacity. WALL. ISBN978-619-241-006-3, 2018.
  2. Mancheva P. Disability with TEMC - problems and solutions. WALL, MU-Varna. ISBN 978-954-449-968-6 ISBN978-619-221-142-4, 2018.
  3. Nenova G, Mancheva P. Physiotherapy and chronic diseases. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-330-00120-6, 2016, pp.44.
  4. Mancheva, P. Euthanasia - the other way out. WALL. ISBN 978-954-9685-41-1; 2013
  5. Mancheva, P. Primary Health Care - principles, bulgarian experience, relationship and succession with hospitals. Curriculum for The Health Sciences In South Eastern Europe, 2002 (available at 
  6. Mancheva P, Nigyar Dzhafer. Essentials of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for Undergraduate Medical Students:  Disability, Impairment and Handicap. Avangard Print Ltd“Charodeyka" district. 2023. ISBN: 978-954-337-463-2.​

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Bulgarian Medical Association, an expert group in Post-Accreditation Monitoring and Control at NEAA, Research Ethics (KENI) MU-Varna (2014-2020), University Commission for Institutional and Program Accreditation, Committee for Development of a Credit System for Evaluation of the Continuing Education of Physicians, EURACT, expert in Internal Medicine in General TEMC (2004-2012).