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Stimmen von Studierenden

Valedictorians' Speech of Vera Arnold at the graduation ceremony 2023


Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed faculty, proud families & friends, and last but not least incredible graduates of class 2023. My name is Vera, I'm one of the graduates I would like to say a few words on this special day.

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey—together, let us reflect the journey that has tested our limits, expanded our minds and also connected us to the beautiful people around us. we faced cultural differences, language barriers and we missed our families and friends from home for 6 long years. We endured the countless hours of study, the sleepless nights and the endless effort and hard work.

We didn't choose this path because it was easy; we chose it because of a deep-seated passion for healing, for making a difference. And I'm glad that everyone chose to pursuit the dream, which connected us. While going through all these challenges together, we found friends, soulmates and I would say a second family away from home. We supported each other's during hard times, we celebrated our success and the end of every exam session and I'm pretty sure that everyone of us has a story about the legendary parties at golden sands. We formed bonds and made memories that will last a lifetime. So today let us celebrate not only the acquired knowledge, but also the friendships that have enriched our journey and made it worthwhile.

As we disperse into various specialties, remember that our shared goal remains the same -to heal patients and to make a positive impact. Our challenges might be different from now on, but the principles of solidarity and support remain constant. Reach out to your colleagues, lend a helping hand, and remember the strength that comes from standing together. Also let's remember that medicine is not only science, it's also an art, a balance of expertise but also of human connection - with colleagues, but also with patients. Behind every diagnosis, there is a person seeking hope and healing. And healing is not only about prescribing medications or performing surgery.  it's also about taking care the patient's soul. So despite the pressure in the hospital, let's try to be empathic, understanding, and patient. Let us be a source of comfort in times of despair and restore not just health but also hope.

To the families and friends who have supported us tirelessly, your sacrifices and encouragement have been the base of our success. Today is as much your celebration as it is ours. Congratulations, my fellow doctors, not only on your academic achievements but also on the friends we made along the way. Congratulations my friends, you've fulfilled one of your dreams. Let's continue dreaming.


Marc Schneider's speech (5th year student)– Freshmen Opening Ceremony 2023


Dear fellow students,

I am very pleased to welcome you today at the Medical University of Varna, my own university of choice,

to a new beginning - a new chapter - the freshmen opening ceremony of 2023.

By just being here, you have already proven that you are willing to invest yourself into this, to jump over shadows, to overcome all hurdles to even learn a new difficult language - and why?

Because you have a dream! You are willing to take the plunge, to say goodbye to your loved ones for long periods of time, to start a new chapter and a big chunk of your new life in a foreign country. I can promise: You will very quickly call Bulgaria and Varna your home.

Where you find friends and build live long memories.

Studying at the medical university Varna is a great chance & if you work hard, search for opportunities and always stay open-minded you will be supported by the University in any manner.

Today a lot of countries suffer a well-known shortage of skilled workers, most dramatically evident in medicine, as these countries with an aging population, which so desperately need medical practitioners, do not educate enough medical personnel.

Therefore it is noble and right that those who feel the calling to be a doctor take charge of their live and show initiative by taking their destiny into their own hands.

And let me tell you: You will be an excellent doctors! And when you have graduated, you will be much appreciated and needed in these countries.

Varna is an excellent university, you chose well! And you will get a sterling education here! Work hard, cherish this chance. You will grow by leaps and bounds.

With this I'd like to finish with a quotation of the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vasov: „Идеалът на земното щастие е в труда, в образованието, в здравето и в природата - "The pinnacle of earthly happiness resides in labor, education, health, and nature."

Welcome in Varna! Good luck to you all!