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Application for NON-EU citizens

​Foreign citizens are admitted to Medical University of Varna in conformity with the Law on Higher Education and Ordinance on the State Requirements in Republic of Bulgaria for Admission of Bulgarian and Foreign Students.

Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna offers training to applicants (who have completed secondary education) in 14 undergraduate medical specialties in Bulgarian language and conducts training in English language - in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy.



The prospective foreign students interested in all offered undergraduate programs with Bulgarian language of instruction, who speak Bulgarian (and who do not have a document certifying their proficiency in Bulgarian language issued by a higher institution in the Republic of Bulgaria), pass an examination according to a list of topics, provided by the Department of Foreign languages, Communication and Sport. 

Non-EU applicants interested in all programmes with Bulgarian language of instruction shall also pass admission examinations as per the admission requirements for the relevant programme and get successfully ranked for an admission place. Further details about the required admission examinations are available here.


Those prospective applicants who are not proficient in Bulgarian or fail the Bulgarian language examination, have an opportunity to be enrolled in a Preparatory course in Bulgarian language at the University.


The Medical University of Varna offers a Preparatory course in English language for those applicants interested in the Programmes of Medicine, Dental medicine and Pharmacy-English language education, who are not proficient in English.


Those prospective applicants who are not proficient in English and fail the English language proficiency test for medical specialties, have an opportunity to be enrolled in an English language Preparatory course at the University.




Citizens of countries, which are not members of the EU and EEA, are admitted after approval of submitted application documents (which must meet the admission requirements) by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and after sitting the Entry test/s required for the relevant programme of interest, and being successfully ranked for an admission place.

Applicants for the programmes with English language of instruction - Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy sit the Biology and Chemistry Entry tests.


The applicants for the program where the language of instruction is English shall prove their English proficiency by taking an English language proficiency test administered by the Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sport or by providing one of the following secondary education diplomas or certificates:

·           Bilingual diploma from a language school where one of the languages of instruction is English, with a matriculation examination in English (level B2 or higher)

·           International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma for instruction in English)

The recognized language proficiency certificates are as follows:


·         IELTS Academic (Overall Band Score 6.5) or higher

·         Cambridge English in ESOL International (CPE 180 - 199, CAE grade B or C, FCE grade A 180 190) or higher

·         TELC (The European Language Certificates, or TELC - language tests) - FCE grade A 180 190) or higher

·         TOEFL iBT (computer-based test) minimum score of 90

·         TOEFL PBT (paper-based test) minimum score of 577 and a grade on the Writing section of 12–13 or higher

·         PTE Academic (scale from 59 to 65 or higher)

·         English Speaking Board ESB (Certificate in English as a Foreign Language ESOL - Levels 2, 3)

·         ECL – Level B2 (Grade B) or higher


For applicants who are citizens of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Ireland, the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as well as for applicants who completed their secondary education in these countries, English language proficiency certification or English language proficiency test is not required. Thоse applicants shall submit a diploma for high school completion in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada (English-speaking part) and New Zealand, with a diploma grade in English language of no less than "Very good" (for applicants following the British curriculum GCSE English language (Grade 5 to 9).

Applicants, who do not have the required level of English proficiency, may enroll in a Preparatory course in English language proficiency and specialized disciplines.



It is mandatory that the prospective foreign applicants:

1) have completed secondary education (hold a Diploma or secondary school leaving certificate) which enables them to continue their studies in higher institutions and universities in the country in which the secondary education has been completed;

2) have studied and completed Biology and Chemistry subjects in the secondary school - for those applicants who are interested in all undergraduate Programmes offered at MU-Varna (including the Programmes of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy);

2.1 it is obligatory for the average mark in Biology and Chemistry subjects from the Diploma of secondary education to be not less than 70% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respective country.




General information

The requirements for the Programmes in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy in English for the 2020 admission tests in Chemistry and Biology will consist of FIVE sections:

Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

Four proposed answers will be given for every question, as candidates should mark only ONE answer. All questions carry equal marks. If the candidate marks more than one answer, he/she will receive NO MARKS for that question. No marks will be deducted for wrong answers.

Section B: Gap Filling Questions

Each test item has four missing words or terms. In this section the candidates are required to write the most appropriate words or terms that may fill the gaps.

Section C: Matching Questions

The candidates will be asked to match each item from column 1 with those given in column 2.

Section D: True/False Questions

These questions require a candidate to assess whether the presented statement is true or false.

Section E: Definitions and Explanations

The candidates will be asked to briefly explain certain Chemical or Biological concepts as well as to provide samples where applicable.


The duration of each test (Biology and Chemistry) is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Both of the tests are conducted on the same date, couple of times on different dates during the application period.

Prospective students will also have the chance to visit the University and feel its spirit and life during our Open days conducted at the University the day before the Entry tests (before the first three Entry tests dates).





How to prepare for the Entry tests

We advise you to consider the following:


        To order the eBook "A Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items", please click here

        То order the print book "A Handbook of Biology and Chemistry Test Items", please click here


        The lists of topics for the Entry tests in Biology and Chemistry are available here: Biology , Chemistry


How to register for the Entry tests


Applicants who are in their last year of high school (and who have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects on secondary school level) are also eligible to sit the Entry tests, even before obtaining their leaving certificates (high school diploma). They will further need to submit the rest of the required application documents not later than July 15th.

Only applicants whose e-applications got the status "successfully registered" will be allowed to sit the Entry tests. Applications with the status "pending validation", "incomplete" or "draft" will not be allowed to write the tests.

To access the online platform for submission of your e-application, simply click on the following: and Register. 


The instituted application fee amounts to 30 euro (non-refundable) and the registration fee for the Entry tests in English amounts to 200 euro (non-refundable). Both fees could be paid in one bank transfer - 230 euro (non-refundable), payable to the University bank account, as it is required to be covered in advance - not later than one week before the Entry Tests date.


The University bank account is as follows:

DSK BANK PLC, Sofia /Bulgaria

IBAN: BG05STSA93003400040702 - for payments in euro
In favour of: Medical University Varna
55 "Marin Drinov" Str., Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Applicants who failed the preliminary Biology and/or Chemistry Entry tests in English or who get a low pass (or simply are not satisfied with the obtained Entry tests results) would have the chance (upon their written request, sent to the Office of Admissions) to resit the entry test/s during the announced regular (following-if any) test dates.

The administrative fee for each retake test (Biology or Chemistry) amounts to 100 euro, payable to the University bank account.

The applicants` results from the Biology and Chemistry entry tests in English will participate in the final classification and ranking/s of applicants.

Important! Only applicants who submitted the whole set of the required paper supporting application documents (legalized and translated into Bulgarian language as per our requirements) within the application deadline, and who have successfully passed the Entry tests would be included in the final ranking/s of the applicants (for further information please refer to section application documents below).

Place of conducting the Biology and Chemistry Entry tests

The auditorium number is usually announced a week before the examination and will be communicated with the registered applicants.

The examinations start at 9.00 a.m.


1. Completed, printed and signed application form (;

2. A copy of the document for completed secondary education (diploma or secondary school leaving certificate). Please, note that we cannot accept the IGCSE, O-Levels or AS-Levels as an entrance qualification;

3. A copy of the official transcript of all studied subjects in secondary education (high school) as well as the obtained final marks in the subjects.

For applicants (citizens of countries which are not members of the EU and EEA) it is obligatory for the average mark in Biology and Chemistry subjects from the Diploma of secondary education to be not less than 70% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respective country;

4. A document issued by an authorized body (the applicant's high school) certifying the right (eligibility) of the applicant to continue his/her education in higher institutions and universities in the country in which the latter has acquired his/her secondary education;

*Prospective candidates from India (Indian nationals, following the Indian high school system of education abroad(e.g. in Qatar, Oman, etc)) must submit Eligibility Certificate for admission to the MBBS course. The said certificate shall be issued by National Testing Agency (NTA) established by The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI). The Eligibility certificate will be required by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order of issuing visa type “D”.

5. An original medical health certificate, issued within a month before the date of application, stating that the applicant is in good physical and mental health to pursue a training course at the Medical University of Varna. (Before application, please have in mind the information from here​. The information list shall not be legalized and submitted at MUV as it is not considered as an application document.)

All the above listed documents (2, 3, 4 and 5) must be legalized, translated into Bulgarian and certified in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria with the host/issuing state. In the absence of such provisions – the general procedure for legalization, translation and certification of documents and other papers is applicable.

This means: certified true copies (only for documents 2 and 3), certified with the Apostille stamps - for documents 2, 3, 4 and 5 and translated into Bulgarian language with legalized translation.

For more information regarding the Apostille stamp and the authorities, authorized to issue Apostille, please refer to or

If the country of the applicant is not a member the Hague Convention (did not sign it) the documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Health) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of residence of the applicant and the Consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the respective country.

Legalized documents (documents with apostille stamps) need to be translated into Bulgarian in one of the following two ways:

  • by a consular or Diplomatic official in the country where the document is issued;​


  • by a translation agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria (Translation offices in Bulgaria are offering this along with the translation service).


Note: All authentications-apostilles and seals must be original (that is to say wet stamps and seals are requested on the application documents), which are to be submitted at Medical University of Varna. Photocopies of legalized documents will not be accepted!


6. A declaration by the applicant`s parent(s) for financial support during his/her studies in the Republic of Bulgaria at the Medical University of Varna, legalized by a Notary Public and accompanied by its official translation into Bulgarian;

7. A valid copy of the international passport of the applicant (only those pages with the photo and data). The provided copy will be deleted after the information has been verified.;

8. Five recently-taken colour photos /passport size/;

9. If the name of the applicant on any of the application documents (high-school diploma or higher education eligibility letter) differs from the name in applicant`s passport, a document confirming the change of the name/s – name affidavit (legalized and translated into Bulgarian as per the above described order) must be submitted along with the rest of required application documents;

10. Two simple photocopies of already legalized and translated required application documents (from listed documents № 1 to 9 incl.).

Application documents of the interested prospective students are submitted:

  • personally to the MUV Office of Admissions;
  •  by an authorized representative of the applicant (in this case, an official power of attorney is required; the latter must be legalized and officially translated into Bulgarian language in the above described order);


  • sent by post to the Office of Admissions not later than the stated deadline.

Our mailing address is:

Office of Admissions

Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna

55 "Marin Drinov" Street

9002 Varna, Bulgaria

Application documents (legalized and translated into Bulgarian language) are returned to the applicants who were not accepted or withdrew/cancelled their application to MUV upon their written request and within one year after their application date at MUV. Applicants are responsible for collecting the application documents back or covering the postage.



Submission of application documents – 1 May-15 July 2020

As the whole application process (including  visa type "D" application takes approx. 2-3 months) takes time, we strongly recommend students to apply as early as possible (preferably in May, June) and not to wait for the deadline.


Once the Admission Committee has received and approved the candidate`s application, the documents are then submitted for approval by MUV to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. After taking decision on the application, either a Certificate on the right of the applicant to study (for entrance study visa type "D") is issued or a denial is received. The issuance of this document may take up to a month.

Once the University receives the Certificate, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science, the applicant will be then notified (by phone, e-mail or an official letter) to collect the Ministry Certificate personally from the University or by an authorized representative of yours. All approved applicants shall also request (by e-mail), issuing of MUV Certificate. The administrative fee (amounting to 10 BGN) for issuing the MUV Certificate must be covered in advance to the University bank account and a proof of payment must be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to ordering the document.

The University bank account is as follows:

DSK BANK PLC, Sofia /Bulgaria


IBAN: BG05STSA93003400040702 - for payments in euro

In favour of: Medical University Varna

55 "Marin Drinov" Str., Varna 9002, Bulgaria


After receiving the both of the Certificates you are then required to apply for a student visa type "D" at the Bulgarian Embassy in your country.

Important: We strongly advise you to review in advance the following important visa information: