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Affiliate in Sliven


By a decision of the National Assembly of 30 January 2013, the affiliate of the Medical University - Varna in the city of Sliven was founded and the training in the specialties of the regulated professions "Nursing" and "Midwifery" was carried out. Students from the regulated specialties “Midwifery” and “Nursing” educational and qualification degree “Bachelor” are trained at the Affiliate.  The training is full-time, carried out for a period of 4 years, the last one is pre-graduate practice.
The affiliate uses the resources of the University, with much of the lecture course being electronically based. Students have the opportunity to listen to their lecturers at the same time with the students at the Medical University of Varna, due to online video conferencing.
Since the winter semester of the academic year 2015-2016, the training takes place in the fully renovated, self-contained and modernly equipped building of the Affiliate in Sliven, situated on 30 “General Stoletov” Street. Students and lecturers have six lecture halls with video conferencing, study-practice rooms, a library with access to classic and digital editions, computer halls, sports facilities.
The clinical training takes place in the facilities of “Dr. Ivan Seliminski” Hospital, “Hadji Dimitar” Hospital, as well as in other specific structures in the town of Sliven, providing opportunities for conducting classes at the University's facilities in Varna.
The students from the Affiliate in Sliven have the opportunity to be accommodated in student hostels in Sliven.