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History and Facts

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a new department, established in July 2012. The Department is a multidisciplinary unit at the Faculty of Pharmacy, combining the profile disciplines "Technology of Formulations and Biopharmaceutics", "Pharmaceutical Chemistry" and "Pharmaceutical Analysis", "Pharmacognosy", "Social Pharmacy and Pharmacy Legislation", incorporated in the study plan for training of students in the specialty Master of Pharmacy.

The Department has a number of laboratories for practical training of students:

  • Laboratories of Technology of Formulations: Laboratory "Phytopreparations";
  • Laboratory "Extemporaneous Formulations";
  • Laboratory "Solid Dosage Forms";
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry;
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis;
  • Laboratory of Pharmacognosy.

All laboratories are supplied with all the necessary equipment. Furthermore, the Department has a research laboratory at the disposal of PhD students and young researchers.

There are two separate training rooms at the Department - for conducting seminars and practical exercises. Software programmes "Libra" EAD - PHARMACY EXPERT 2 –a version for free sales and a version for working in collaboration with NHIF are provided for the training of students. The software product is designed for pharmacies and drugstores, and covers all activities therein. The programme allows students to get acquainted with the computer system of NHIF for dispensing prescriptions and records maintenance in pharmacies. ​