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The Neurosurgery Clinic at UMHAT ”St. Marina” – Varna Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Its Establishment

The Neurosurgery Clinic at UMHAT ”St. Marina” – Varna  marks the 10th anniversary of its foundation. During these years, it has established itself as one of the leading neurosurgical centres in the country, which is in no way inferior to the most state-of-the-art European, American and Asian Clinics, on the basis of its clinical, scientific and academic achievements.
The establishment and development of the Neurosurgery Clinic of University Hospital “St. Marina” is a result of the vision and efforts of the management bodies of Medical University – Varna and UMHAT ”St. Marina” – Varna. Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev, DSc, is a founder and the head of the Clinic from the very beginning.       
The whole range of neurosurgical disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves in all age groups are the subject of the neurosurgical treatment in one of the most modern Neurosurgery Clinics in our country. Minimal invasiveness and maximum effectiveness are aimed at the surgeries in vascular diseases, tumours of the central nervous system, degenerative diseases of the spine, congenital CNS malformations and trauma.  Neuroendoscopic and transsphenoid surgery is also performed in intraventricular and pituitary pathology. Treatment with deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease has also been introduced.

The neurosurgical operating room has unique equipment of the latest generation, such as an operating microscope with intraoperative fluorescence, two neuronavigation systems, high-definition neuroendoscopic equipment, ultrasonic aspiration, high-speed drill and craniotomy, intraoperative ultrasound, equipment for intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring, monitors for tracking intracranial pressure, C-arm system with possibilities of 3-D reconstruction, the highest class of neurosurgical operating table, complete sets of micro instruments for Neurosurgery, etc. The state-of-the-art combined neuronavigation system with electromagnetic and optical tracking and stereotactic framework for performing deep brain stimulation and other stereotactic procedures is unparalleled in Bulgaria.

The surgeries performed at the Clinic include neuronavigated interventions, high-definition neuroendoscopic procedures, percutaneous vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, percutaneous spinal stabilisation, minimally invasive cranial and spinal surgeries, neuromonitoring, endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, transsphenoidal surgery, deep brain stimulation (DBS), etc.

Modern hospital magnetic resonance imaging, multi-slice computed tomography and cerebral angiography are available round-the-clock for the timely and precise diagnosis of the whole range of neurosurgical pathology by the most modern methods. 

The Clinic works in accordance with the entire range of clinical pathways that are subject to Neurosurgery.

The unit has perfectly furnished hospital rooms, equipped with a bathroom, air conditioning and TV, which, along with the capabilities for complex treatment, provide the necessary personal space and comfort to the patients.

The physicians at the Neurosurgery Clinic have acquired their expertise through long-term and short-term specialisations, courses and trainings at leading European, Asian and American Clinics. They have taken part as lecturers at scores of international neurosurgical conferences and congresses and have numerous publications in national and foreign specialised scientific journals with a high impact factor and numerous citations. The Clinic has organised several scientific conferences on its own, four of which with international participation. Its members maintain close professional contacts with leading neurosurgical centres and experts worldwide.

The Neurosurgery Clinic is an established training centre of Medical University –Varna. It has a modern multimedia lecture room for distance learning for students. It has been recognised as a Neurosurgery specialisation centre for a long time. Six doctoral students have been enrolled at the Clinic of Neurosurgery of University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna in TS Neurosurgery so far. Three of them have already defended their theses and three are still being trained.

Over the last decade thousands of grateful patients from the region, the whole country and abroad have received the most advanced neurosurgical treatment at the Clinic of Neurosurgery of University Hospital "St. Marina”. The ambitions of the Head of the Clinic Prof. Dr. Yavor Enchev and the entire team of the unit are focused on maintaining the highest level of neurosurgical treatment through continuous professional accomplishment.