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Thank You Letter to MU-Varna from Prevention Directorate of Varna Municipality

On the eve of 5th December - International Volunteer Day (IVD), the Prevention Directorate of the Municipality of Varna sent a thank-you letter to the Rector Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov for the volunteer activities of the students at MU-Varna.The representatives of the Municipality express their gratitude for the huge contribution of the medical students Veselina Dobreva, 5th-year of study, and Pavlo Slavov, 2nd-year of study, who are also members of the Student Council at MU-Varna.During their t...

Published 12/01/2020

1086 patients have passed through the emergency and infectious clinics at University Hospital “St. Marina” - Varna for a week

​By order of the Executive director, as of today, 332 beds have been opened at University Hospital "St. Marina" – Varna for patients with confirmed COVID or persons suspected to have it, of which 37 intensive care beds for patients with COVID. For the period 23-29 November, 1086 patients have passed through the emergency centres of the clinics for infectious diseases and the emergency centres at University Hospital "St. Marina", of whom 612 with positive, likely or probable COVID. For the same p...

Published 12/01/2020

Euronews Has Broadcast a Report on Robotic Surgery at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna

In an episode of its Smart Regions series, Euronews has broadcast a report by the French journalist Aurora Vélez on the work at the Centre for Robotic Surgery at University Hospital "St. Marina" - Varna. The report tells about the work of Prof. Dr. Nikola Kolev, Head of the Department of General and Operative Surgery at MU-Varna and a patient who has already been operated with the robot.See Euronews TV reportThe latest fourth-generation da Vinci Xi surgical system has been functioning for a year...

Published 11/27/2020

MU-Varna Will Mark the European Researchers' Night 2020 with a Diverse Online Programme

​On 27 November 2020, for the seventh year, Medical University - Varna will unveil the secrets of science to children, pupils, students, academics and the general public during this year's European Researchers' Night. This year all events will take place online. The main theme around which all initiatives were brought together in 2020 is "Science is transforming lives". The events organised by MU-Varna will take place in Varna, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo. The diverse scientific and entertainment ...

Published 11/17/2020

The Students from MU-Varna Became the Undisputed Champions in the Swimming Tournament and the Athletics Sprint Races at the Municipal Tournament “8th December Cup”

This year's edition of the Municipal Tournament "8th December Cup" took place from 25th October to 10th November 2020 in Varna. The participants competed in three sports disciplines - swimming, athletics sprint races and football. It was decided to cancel all indoor tournaments due to the extraordinary epidemiological situation.The undisputed champions in the swimming tournament, which was held on 25th October, became the students from MU-Varna. They prevailed over the second in the ranking - th...

Published 11/11/2020

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