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668 Patients Visited the Emergency Centers of UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna between 28 December – 03 January

Presently, at UMHAT "Saint Marina", pursuant to an Order of the Executive Director, 308 hospital beds are available for patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection, 37 of them – for intensive care treatment of coronavirus patients. Between 28 December – 03 January, 668 patients visited the emergency centers of the infectious diseases clinics and the emergency centers of UMHAT "Saint Marina", 238 of them – confirmed or possible or probable coronavirus cases. 310 patients have been treated at the COVID structures over the period, 69 of them – at the intensive care units. 131 coronavirus patients have recovered over the last week and 42 – deceased.

Along with the treatment of coronavirus patients, the hospital provides emergency medical care to all other patients suffering from diseases in line with the profiles of the other clinical structures.

UMHAT "Saint Marina" – Varna has been provided with all kinds of disinfectants and protective equipment. It also has the necessary quantities of medicines and consumables.

The hospital management will inform the citizens of Varna and the district on the actual situation in the medical institution on a weekly basis.


                                  PRESS CENTER  OF UMHAT "SAINT MARINA" EAD – VARNA



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