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MU-Varna Takes Part in a Project for Online Training in English and German in the Field of Healthcare

Medical University-Varna takes part in a project for online training in English and German in the field of healthcare - HELP2 - HEalthcare Language Learning Programme. It is a follow-up project based on HELP – Healthcare English Language Programme (2014-2017), implemented under the Erasmus+ Programme. The project was launched in November 2018 and will be underway for two and a half years.

The international team is composed of foreign language teachers, pedagogues, experts for intercultural training, medical doctors and software engineers from six countries from East and Central Europe (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) and two West European countries (Germany and Portugal). Medical University-Varna participates in the project with representatives of the teams of the Department of Foreign Language Learning, Communication and Sports, the International Cooperation Department and the International Centre for Electronic and Distance Learning.

HELP2 develops further and enriches the online programme implemented by the first project, expanding it with 14 new modules in English and 10 modules in German. They will be available online via an open MOODLE platform and a mobile application for Android users. The new modules will provide users with online and offline materials (downloadable PDF files, a Print-ready textbook (e-book), freely available under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 (open licenses). The platform will continue to be freely accessible after the project lifetime.

HELP2 creates learning resources and modules for self-study of specialized English and German for medical purposes, focusing on health care professionals. The modules combine in an innovative way linguistic and intercultural preparation to meet the challenges of the European labour market.