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MU - Varna is an Organiser and Host of an International Workshop Entitled Stem Cells: Fundamental Principles and Translational Applications

MU - Varna is an organiser and host of an international workshop entitled Stem Cells: Fundamental Principles and Translational Applications. The scientific forum, funded by the TRANSTEM project of the European Commission, with the support of National Programme "European Scientific Networks" of the Ministry of Education and Science, will be held between 30th September – 1st October in Varna, and will bring together leading scientists in the field of stem cells from Germany, Israel, Norway, the USA, Greece and Bulgaria. Scientific organiser of the event is Prof. Igor Resnick, Coordinator of the TRANSTEM project, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of MU – Varna, and a scientific co-organiser is Prof. Tsvee Lapidot from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

The scientists are going to exchange experience on a variety of topic, among them: Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants; Haematopoiesis and Innate Immunity; The Role of Lactate in HSPC Mobilization; CAR T – Cells; Patient-Derived Organoids (PDO); Patient Immune Response, etc.

The workshop is targeted at discussing the scientific and research experience to date, the accumulating evidence and factors related to the mechanisms of action, and the therapeutic potential of stem cells in the treatment of a number of diseases. Furthermore, the scientists are going to exchange practical experience related to the therapeutic application of stem cells in clinical transplantations in patients with haematological and malignant diseases.

The workshop will also present the current results achieved by the team of scientists from the European Research Area (ERA), working on the TTRANSTEM programme.

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