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Doctors from St. Marina University Hospital-Varna Removed 15-Kilogramme Tumor from the Breast of a Young Man

A multidisciplinary team of thoracic surgeons, headed by Prof. Dr. Radoslav Radev, and cardiac surgeons, headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Plamen Panayotov, removed a 15-kilogramme tumour from the thoracic cavity of a 39-year-old man at St. Marina University Hospital in Varna. The sophisticated operation took more than six hours.The patient was hospitalized at the University Hospital in the Clinic of Endocrinology due to extremely low levels of blood sugar and poor overall condition, but the specialist...

Published 01/19/2017

Doctors from "St. Marina"- Varna Saved from Amputation a Baby’s Arm

On Christmas Eve the pediatricians from First Pediatric Clinic, headed by Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova and the doctors from the Clinic of Vascular Surgery, headed by Prof. Dr. Veselin Petrov at St. Marina University Hospital in Varna congratulated themselves on yet another achievement, saving from amputation the arm of an 8-month-old boy. The baby was hospitalized at the Children's Intensive Care Unit with thrombosis of the brachial artery of the right arm - a rare condition in childhood, which pose...

Published 12/22/2016