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The New Handbook of biology and chemistry test items for the entrance tests at Medical University of Varna is available for all applicants

Thе handbook of biology and chemistry test items is designed for all applicants interested in the English language programs in medicine and dental medicine at the Medical University of Varna.


It is divided into two main chapters: biology and chemistry. There are five sections in each chapter:


  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fill in the Gaps
  • Matching Questions
  • True/False
  • Definitions and Explanations


Thе Handbook of biology and chemistry Test Items is an essential tool for successful preparation for the admission tests in biology and chemistry.


The handbook is edited by Dobri Ivanov and Lubomir Makedonski- leading professors in biology and chemistry from Medical University of Varna.


The book can be ordered at the ONLINE BOOKSTORE of Varna Medical University Press from HERE:


Good luck to all the applicants!