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Course Enrolment for Aviation and Maritime Medicine Is Underway

Medical University – Varna is the only university in Bulgaria that provides elective courses in Aviation and Maritime Medicine at the Department of Medicine of Disaster Situations and Maritime Medicine. 

The course enrolment for 2021/2022 academic year starts this week and is intended for fourth-year medical students. The classes start in November, under the guidance of the long-standing maritime instructor and lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stavrev.

Those interested in the course can submit their applications to the student coordinators:

For Maritime Medicine – Martina Moscova, 4th year of study, 19 gr., tel. + 359 885 934 060 


For Aviation Medicine – Yordan Kolev, 4th year of study, 20 gr., tel. + 359 886 769 421 


Maritime Medicine is a discipline that enables students to successfully cope with the specific challenges of the diagnostic, therapeutic and expertise process related to maritime professions and human beings living in marine environment.

Various facets of Maritime Medicine are studied during the training, such as ship and diving medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, poisoning caused by marine inhabitants, etc. Students are particularly interested in the practical sessions that take place at the Naval Academy and the Naval Hospital, and aboard the University sailing boats. The enrolled students are going to avail themselves of the first textbook on Maritime Medicine published in our country – the work of a team of specialists from MU – Varna, the Naval Academy and the Naval Hospital – Varna.