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UMHAT “St. Marina”-Varna Opens the Most Modern Electrophysiology Centre for Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

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Cardiac arrhythmias is one of the socially significant medical issues that affects a substantial proportion of the population in all age groups and can lead to a number of complications.

The most common arrhythmia is called atrial fibrillation. Unlike other arrhythmias, it does not directly endanger the patient's life but limits the patient's physical activity, significantly impairs the quality of life and can lead to various thromboembolic incidents, the worst of which is brain stroke. The risk of stroke when this type of arrhythmia occurs has been shown to increase fivefold, which requires long-term prophylaxis with drugs that inhibit thromboformation. In cases where the medicated treatment of arrhythmias is ineffective or has led to complications, an interventional treatment approach with electrophysiology methods is recommended.

Over the last decade, invasive electrophysiology has undergone revolutionary progress and has become a relatively safe and preferred way of treating cardiac arrhythmias in the leading clinics in Europe and the world.

In line with the strategy for prioritising treatment of socially significant diseases, Medical University–Varna is investing in the creation of a state-of-the-art, high-tech electrophysiology room and in the training of medical professionals who master these cutting-edge treatment techniques. The electrophysiology room is located in UMHAT “St. Marina"-Varna and is equipped with medical devices of the latest generation: an angiograph with 3-D image capabilities, state-of-the-art radiofrequency ablation technique, a cryoablation console, and equipment for monitoring all vital functions and cardiac analysis. Close cooperation with the clinics of cardio-surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, the intensive cardiology and haemodialysis centre and the imaging clinic at the University Hospital ensures the universality and high quality of the healthcare provided to patients.

The Electrophysiology Centre at UMHAT “St. Marina"–Varna was built as a result of a long-standing partnership between Medical University–Varna and Charité University Hospital Berlin. Leading electrophysiology professionals and university professors from the Berlin Medical University are also involved in the work of the centre.

The unique centre for Bulgaria started its work at the end of October. Interventions have already been performed on the first patients. Patients in need of this type of treatment can be consulted in medical office 104 (on the ground floor of the Hospital), as well as at the cardiology clinics of UMHAT “St. Marina"-Varna.

The construction and equipment of yet another high-tech centre is part of the vision of the management of MU-Varna and UMHAT “St. Marina"-Varna for providing state-of-the-art treatment opportunities in the city of Varna and the region and for reducing the need for treatment of Bulgarian citizens abroad.