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Новини и Събития

To the Attention of the International Students in the English Language Training Programmes of Medicine and Dental Medicine!

Dear international students,

The care and responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the students at the University is a key priority for the management of MU-Varna.

We assure you that, at this stressful and full of anxiety time of COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken all necessary measures at MU-Varna, in accordance with the recommendations of WHO and the orders of the Bulgarian authorities. It will not be exaggerated to say that the measures taken in the Republic of Bulgaria, which are strictly followed by MU-Varna, are more stringent and pro-active, compared to many other European countries.

Pursuant to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science and the provisions of the Ministry of Health, immediately on 13th March 2020, by an Order of the Rector of MU-Varna, the attendance classes (lectures, exercises, state internship) for all students from 1st to 6th year of study had been canceled and transformed to electronic-based distance learning. You have been promptly notified of all the actions taken by the University.

We fully understand your fears, anxiety and uncertainty in this unprecedented and dynamic situation for all of us.

The management of MU-Varna has been doing and will do everything possible in order to reduce the negative impact of this adverse situation on your training in Medicine and Dental Medicine. The Departments have been instructed to make maximum use of the capacity and functionality of the Blackboard system for disseminating teaching materials and for delivering on-line lectures and exercises. After the end of the crisis situation and re-establishing attendance classes, optimal educational opportunities will be provided to compensate for the shortage of the required firsthand practical observations and skills. Please, address your lecturers actively through the electronic means. Follow the online training schedule.

We assure you that we are doing everything necessary to reduce the personal discomfort of the students. Certain texts in the Regulations on Academic Affairs, for instance, the clauses dealing with attendance and absenteeism in classes, will be interpreted flexibly and will be applied to the students' benefit.

The student administrative services have not stopped functioning. However, these services are performed distantly - through the Webstudent system, by e-mail and by phone.

Do not hesitate to contact distantly the employees at the Dean's Offices. Search for reliable information only through the official sources - the website of MU-Varna, the Dean's Offices of the respective Faculties, the Blackboard platform. Avoid listening to rumors and do no disseminate false information. Feel free to ask your questions via E-mail to the Deans and Vice-Deans of your Faculties.

We do not have a specific answer to a number of questions you are asking at this time, but we do assure you that we will keep you informed to the maximum, according to the dynamics of the situation.

Let us unite our efforts, show flexibility, understanding and tolerance - to successfully cope with the complicated situation - a challenge for every one of us.

Wherever you are - in Varna or at home in your country - follow the recommendations of the competent authorities. Keep calm! Be responsible! Protect yourselves, your loved ones, your relatives and the people around you! And be healthy!

To get answers to some of the questions you have already asked, visit FAQ about COVID-19