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The ENT Clinic of UMHAT “St. Marina” Received an Equipment Donation

The Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO of RUD – Varna AD Zhivko Valchanov donated a set for endoscopic surgery in the upper respiratory tract in newborns and children to the Clinic of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases at UMHAT "St.  Marina" – Varna. The donation was received by the Executive Director of the hospital Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova and by the head of the ENT Clinic Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Sapundzhiev.

The precise tools enable the specialists at UMHAT "St.  Marina" to perform a greater number of interventions and to treat more complicated cases that have been treated abroad so far.  The main advantage of these surgical instruments is that the tips are exceptionally fine and can be used to perform endoscopic interventions in young children and even in newborns.  Using them, doctors will be able to perform precise specific endoscopic micro-invasive interventions in the upper respiratory tract for treating a great number of diseases of the vocal cords, nose and pharynx, papillomatosis, congenital laryngeal disorders, laryngomalacia, airway hemangiomas, etc.  The instruments are of the highest quality, produced by a German manufacturer – a world leader in this field.

Over the last years the interdisciplinary team of otorhinolaryngologists, paediatricians, micropaediatricians, anaesthesiologists at the University Hospital has established its reputation as a leading centre in Bulgaria in the treatment of severe diseases in the respiratory tract and ENT organs in newborns and children.  The Clinic maintains strong collaborative relations with university clinics in Stuttgart, Marburg, Frankfurt and others.  The new tools of the generous donation will allow for expansion of the surgical spectrum and further improvement of the care for the youngest patients.

"Previously, the families of the young patients that needed such surgery had to seek help and treatment in different ways abroad. Gradually, they start coming to our Clinic.  We are grateful for this gift that will benefit the little ones. The new tools provide a brand new option for treatment of newborns, nurslings and young children with ENT diseases, which I dare say, is unique to our country", said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Sapundzhiev, head of the ENT Clinic at UMHAT "St. Marina" – Varna.

The ENT Clinic has had a multifunctional surgical microscope of the latest generation for less than a year.  The device provides excellent lighting in the surgical field and stable balance, an optical system to increase the image details in the surgical field and very good depth of focus in the finest structures. The equipment donation and the microscope ensure full comfort for the specialists to provide high-level treatment, and for the patients - an opportunity to receive quality treatment.