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Graduation of the Alumni of Class 2023 at the Faculty of Public Health of MU–Varna

301 graduates from 13 programmes of study at the Faculty of Public Health of MU–Varna were awarded their diplomas at a solemn ceremony, held on 18 November in the Palace of Culture and Sports. 92 students are graduating with honours, and the student with the Highest Academic Distinction of Class 2023 is Silviya Ilieva - a student in the programme of Logopaedia – Educational and Qualification Bachelor's Degree.

The Rector of MU–Varna Prof. Dr. Svetoslav Georgiev congratulated the health and management professionals of Class 2023 with the words, “I am sure that your training at Medical University– Varna is a stable foundation for your successful professional development. I believe that you will apply your knowledge and skills for the benefit of people's health and the improvement of the health system in Bulgaria." Prof. Georgiev wished the young professionals to pursue the chosen career path with dedication and confidence.

Following a well-established tradition of MU–Varna, the graduating nurses and midwives took an oath. The diplomas of the graduates were awarded by the Rector Prof. Dr. Svetoslav Georgiev, by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Albena Kerekovska, and by the Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Accreditation and Quality Prof. Todorka Kostadinova. 

All students graduating with honours from the Bachelor programmes received a cash prize from the Rector of MU–Varna. The most outstanding graduates from the programmes of Nursing and Midwifery were distinguished with awards from UMHAT “St. Marina"–Varna and SHOGAT “Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov"–Varna.

Monika Zlateva – a student in the programme of Health management and Zyuleyha Ahmed – a student in the programmes of Nursing were awarded plaques and honorary diplomas for active student activities and high merits for strengthening the reputation and prestige of the University. Daniel Petkov – a student in the programme of Health management – EQD Bachelor was distinguished with an award for active sport activities in the volleyball team. 

The academic management of MU–Varna and the alumni from Class 2023 were congratulated by representatives of state and local authorities, managers of health and medical institutions, universities, professional and non-governmental organisations, institutions, partners and friends of the University and the Faculty of Public Health.  ​