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The U.S. Ambassador Visited UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna


The United States Ambassador to Bulgaria H. E. Mrs. Herro Mustafa visited UMHAT "St. Marina" – Varna today. She was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova, Executive Director of the hospital, Prof. Dr. Dimitrichka Bliznakova, Department of Paediatrics and First Paediatric Clinic of UMHAT "St. Marina" – Varna and physicians from the Paediatric Clinics at the medical institution. The visit is a part of the program in Varna, dedicated to the celebrations on the occasion of 4 July – Independence Day.  The US Ambassador visited the University Hospital to express her heartfelt gratitude to the medics and give presents to the young patients at the Paediatric units.

Prof. Dr. Silva Andonova welcomed Ambassador Herro Mustafa with the words, "Your Excellency, I would like to thank you for your visit and welcome you! UMHAT "St. Marina" – Varna is the second largest hospital in the country that provides comprehensive treatment to patients not only from North-Eastern Bulgaria, but also from all over the country. We maintain extremely close relationships with the United States, with sustainable traditions mainly in the field of surgical specialties. For years, the Hospital and Medical University – Varna have been cooperating in terms of training our experts and specialising physicians in advanced American centres, renowned for implementing innovative approaches. Thanks to that, we have been successfully developing robotic surgery, using da Vinci Xi Robotic System for two years now. Our colleagues have been trained by your leading specialists, and currently the Bulgarian population has the opportunity to benefit from this modern equipment and highly qualified personnel for minimally invasive surgery. A hospital is innovative when it is constantly striving to build on its potential." She presented and acquainted Ambassador Mustafa with the capacities and opportunities provided by UMHAT "St. Marina" – Varna and outlined the future prospects and projects. "Thank you for the cooperation we have! We shall not stop here, we shall continue to build on, hopefully with your support!", said the Executive Director.

On the occasion of one of the brightest holidays – 17 July, Patron Saint's Day of the University Hospital, Prof. Andonova gave as a gift to the U.S. Ambassador an icon depicting Saint Marina, Patron Saint of the Hospital and a commemorative plaque of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the medical institution.

Mrs. Herro Mustafa, in turn, on the occasion of the National Holiday of the United States, presented to Prof. Andonova a coin with an engraved Bulgarian rose, designed personally by her. Her Excellency expressed her heartfelt gratitude and said, "I would like to say what a great honour it is for me to be here with you and your wonderful team! This year, on the occasion of 4 July, we have decided to dedicate the whole month to the heroes, and the heroes this is you, and we dedicate it to you. I am here in Varna together with 12 American Congress members, and we are sincerely delighted to have the opportunity to personally give presents to the young patients at the Paediatric Clinics. I am extremely proud of your work and the work of the Hospital, as well as of our cooperation. Thank you!".