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A team of the Medical University-Varna discussed possibilities for expansion of the cooperation fields with the University of Messina, Italy

In the period 7-11 May 2018 a team from the Department of International Relations at the Medical University of Varna took part in a working visit to the University of Messina, Italy as a mobility of staff for training purposes within the Erasmus + program.

The main purpose of the visit was to specify the concrete steps for the implementation of the signed agreement for exchange of students and lecturers in the field of medicine and dental medicine, to expand the cooperation with new specialties as well as implementation of  the activities of the academic cooperation agreement signed  in 2010 between the Medical University - Varna and the University of Messina.
During the working visit, a number of meetings were held with the experts at the “Erasmus+” Office and experts from the International Department of the University of Messina, and representatives of the “Erasmus+” Office at the Gdansk and Wroclaw Universities. The partner universities, the structures of the international departments, the organization of the “Erasmus+” Program and the areas in which they have active exchanges and mobilities were presented.

Individual meetings were held with Giuseppe Lucchese, Ph.D. - Head of the International Relations Organizational Unit at Messina University, Mrs. Domenica Siddi, Head of Erasmus Mobility Unit, Mrs. Monica de Cesare, Vice-Head of Erasmus Mobility Unit. They expressed their satisfaction with the bilateral relations and exchange between the two universities. As a result of the discussions, the following suggestions were made to expand the fields of cooperation:


"Erasmus +"  Program

1. Mobility  for training and research shall be priorities in the "Erasmus +" Programe.

2. The cooperation between the two universities should also cover the doctoral programs in the specialties "medicine" and "dental medicine".

3. For the academic 2018/2019 two summer internships shall be planned in the specialties "medicine" and "dental medicine".

4. Healthcare, physiotherapy and logopedics (speech therapy) shall be included in the mobility of the "Erasmus +" Programme.


Bilateral Agreement between the Medical University - Varna and the University of Messina

    1. The partnership within the framework of the agreement should be extended to the doctoral cycle.
    2. Identify priority areas on which to focus cooperation.
    3. Develop a work program for the academic 2018/2019 to exchange guest lecturers in certain areas such as orthopedics.
        4. After specifying the needs and wishes of students and academic staff, different funding opportunities shall be     discussed for activites (examples: under "Erasmus +", Horizon 2020, etc.)

Besides the specific tasks planned in the program of the working visit, other meetings were organized with Prof. Letterio Oliva and Prof. Michele Atilio Rosa - founders of the partnership in 2010 and initiators for the signing of the agreement for academic cooperation. Prof. Rosa is responsible for the postgraduate qualification in orthopedics and traumatology and suggested that orthopedics be a priority in our bilateral relations. He expressed readiness to be a guest lecturer at the Medical University - Varna. 

The University of Messina was established in 1548 by Pope Paul III. There are 12 faculties in which over 26 000 students in 78 specialties are being trained. Currently there are more than 400 mobility contracts with universities from around the world. For the academic 2017/2018, 110 incoming student mobilities were held.