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For the First Time One of the Most Successful European Textbooks of Radiology in Bulgarian Is Available in the Bookstores of MU-Varna

Medical University - Varna has purchased the rights for translation and publication of the Textbook of Clinical Radiology. Characterised as an invaluable guide, manual, and an indispensable educational tool, it is among the best textbooks for the specialty of Radiology. For the first time the Textbook of Clinical Radiology in Bulgarian is now available in the bookstores of MU-Varna.

Edited by three Austrian professors of Radiology - M. Breitenseher, P. Pokiiser, G. Lechner, the original edition collects in 44 chapters everything a student needs to know in this field. The main facets of the latest innovations in each subspecialty and an organ system are presented there, and the content is extensively illustrated with sketches, diagrams and illustrations.

The Bulgarian version of the textbook is a result of the dedicated work of postgraduate students and specialists in Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine from MU-Varna, the Diagnostic Imaging Department of University Hospital "St. Marina"-Varna and the Diagnostic Imaging Department of Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital. Editors of the Bulgarian edition are Prof. Dr. Boyan Balev and Prof. Dr. Galina Kirova. The team of translators consists of 26 medical specialists.

The textbook is intended predominantly for medical students, but it is also a proven faithful assistant for lecturers, radiologists and other professionals with a keen interest in this field. And one of the ambitions of the authors, translators and editors is, through the book, to arouse curiosity to this specific field.

The Textbook of Clinical Radiology, edited by Prof. Dr. Boyan Balev and Prof. Dr. Galina Kirova can be purchased in the bookstores of MU-Varna and via our online store from here.