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To the Attention of International Students

at Medical University Varna


Dear students,

In relation to the forthcoming beginning of the summer semester of academic year 2020/2021 and the need to adapt the organisation of the training process in compliance with the epidemiological situation, the provisions of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, the introduced protective measures against coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as taking into consideration the fact that conducting practical training in the majors "Medicine" and "Dental Medicine" in a real attendance /clinical environment is of the upmost importance, based on Decision of the Academic Council from 04.02.2021, an Order of the Rector of MU-Varna was issued, which provides instructions on the organisation of the educational process from the beginning of the summer semester of academic year 2020/2021.

According to this Order, as of the beginning of the summer semester of academic year 2020/2021 (15th February 2021):

1.      The education in the university shall be conducted in a hybrid format including attendance (face-to-face) forms and online interaction through the use of informational and communicational technology, and in strict observance of the approved schedule of the respective specialty/disciplines.

2.      Lectures shall be delivered entirely in an online environment.

3.      Practical training exercises /seminars shall be conducted in an attendance (face-to-face) format in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures introduced with an acting Order of the Minister of Health, and the coronavirus prevention measures. At the proposal of the Department Council, following an approval by the Dean, practical classes/seminar exercises can be conducted in electronic environment in disciplines in which this is possible while guaranteeing high quality of the education.

4.      At the proposal of the Department Council/following an approval by the Dean, it is also allowed a part of the practical classes in disciplines, in which practical training in an attendance/clinical environment is essential, to be conducted in electronic environment. The adaptation of the syllabus to a hybrid face-to-face and electronic education, shall be performed in the respective Department/Training sector, involving the lecturers in charge of training the discipline. The Department/Training sector shall prepare a schedule for face-to-face training and training in electronic environment in line with the approved timetable. The schedule shall be approved by the Dean, and the students being trained in the respective discipline shall be notified.

5.      The training practices, pre-graduation internships and state examinations in all specialties shall be conducted face-to-face in accordance with the existing possibilities and taking into account the specifics of the respective discipline, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, introduced with an applicable at the time of their conducting Order of the Minister of Health and the coronavirus prevention measures.

 6.      In case of acting anti-epidemic measures limiting the free entry/movement/residence in the territory of the country, as well as other objective reasons, the practical training exercises, the clinical practice, the pre-graduation internship/s and/or the state examination/s may be postponed or carried out in a different appropriate format after permission of the Dean based on a reasonable written formal request by the student. 

 7.       Students who have missed training classes for valid reasons shall be given an opportunity to complete and compensate for the missed teaching material — at no extra payment.    

The formal application in the cases under item 6 shall be sent to the Students' Affairs Office of the relevant Faculty by 12.02.2021.

The formal applications must describe exactly the essence of the student's problem, the student's requests, and it should also contain all details regarding the student's name, identification number, year of study and group.

Students who have applied for compensatory online training and whose applications have been approved by the Dean must follow the instructions of the Departments on the organisation and conduct of the training in the relevant disciplines.