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Online workshop

From cells to microsomes: isolation, function, evaluation

 Supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria

via the National Programme "European Research Networks"

3-7 December 2020


Organizers: Dr. Igor Resnick and Dr. Anton Tonchev, Medical University - Varna


Part 1 – Novel biophysical approaches for live cell evaluation
3 December 2020

16:00h ​Opening and introduction – Dr. Igor Resnick, MU-Varna

Dr. Yuri Feldman, Hebrew University, Israel
The ubiquity of water and its dielectric signature. New vistas for biosensing.


17:00h​Dr. Larisa Latypova, Hebrew University, Israel
Dielectric spectra broadening as a signature for dipole-matrix interactions in protein solutions.


18:00hVesselin Drobenov: Beckman Coulter - Bulgaria
Corporate presentation: Groundbreaking technology: MoFlo XDP's sophisticated approach for cell sorting with via surface immunofluorescent markers.

Part 2 - Extracellular vesicles
7 December 2020

16:00h ​Opening and introduction – Dr. Anton Tonchev, MU-Varna

Dr. Iliya Lefterov, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Overall biological aspects, significance as diagnostic tools and biomarkers.


17:00h​Dr. Nicholas Fitz, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Methodological aspects – isolation, characterization, cargo, clinical significance of ncRNAs and applications in AD diagnosis.