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The Faculty of pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established by Decision of the 40th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria from 16th October 2008. The mission and the goal of the Faculty are student training in Pharmacy, as well as postgraduate and PhD education in the major pharmaceutical disciplines. The integration of the Faculty in the system of Pharmacy education of the European Union, the high quality and comprehensiveness of its training activities are the key priorities in its development. In 2019, the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency granted accreditation to the specialty "Pharmacy" at Medical University - Varna with a validity period of 5 years and increased the capacity of the specialty to 470 students. The highest number of prospective students wishing to study at Medical University – Varna belongs to those who choose to study Pharmacy in the first place.
Providing high quality training and useful practice by a highly qualified team, as well as providing opportunities for development of both students and lecturers through national and European financial instruments are the main priorities of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Plenty of contracts for cooperation and exchange of experience with leading European universities have been concluded, joint lecture courses conducted by distinguished lecturers from abroad are being delivered The curriculum and academic programmes for master’s degree in the field of the Pharmacy regulated professions have been updated and modernized under PROJECT BG051PO001-3.1.07-0046 "Updating and Approbation of the Curricula and Syllabi of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Medical University - Varna in accordance with the needs of the Pharmaceutical Business and the Requirements of the Labour Market.

The Pharmaceutical Business Forum is held annually as a joint initiative of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Medical University - Varna and the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union. Coordination and cooperation agreements have been signed with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Balkanpharma-Razgrad AD and others.

Another joint initiative with the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union is the introduction of life-long training of pharmacists, which provokes a great interest among all specialists from the pharmaceutical practices.

Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica is a specialized periodic scientific journal of the Medical University of Varna for publishing scientific articles and invited reviews in the field of Pharmacy. It is available in an electronic and print format.

The new modern building of the Faculty of Pharmacy is already a fact. It was officially opened on 16th October 2015. The nine-storey building with a modern and spacious auditorium, laboratory and office area, research laboratories in biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics, chromatography and spectrophotometry, molecular biology, cell cultures in pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical botany. It also has its own training and manufacturing pharmacy store, a warehouse, a library, computer laboratories, herbarium.

MU-Varna, as a modern and fast developing university, has managed to close the entire circle of activities implemented in the field of medical education and the development of medical science through the creation of new high-tech facilities, corresponding to the modern requirements for Pharmacy education.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Petko Penkov Marinov, PhD


Phone:  +359 52 677 203 

Vice Dean "Science and Research and Career development"

Assoc. Prof. Milka Asparuhova Nashar, DSc

Phone: +359 52 677 050

Vice Dean "Educational Affairs, Accreditaion and Quality"

Assoc. Prof. Velichka Yordanova Andonova, PhD

Phone: +359 52 677 050