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Our team of medical and scientific experts is dedicated to deliver quality results in accordance with the Good clinical practice recommendations.

Prof. Krasimir Ivanov, MD, PhD, DSc​

Rector of Varna Medical University since 2012. Doctor of medical sciences with majors in surgery and oncology and Master in "Business Management". Executive Director of "St. Marina" University Hospital JSC for the period 2001 to 2012. During this period the hospital receives the first certificate in the country for Quality Management "EFQM" – Level 1 "Committed to Excellence", followed by Level 2 "Recognized for Excellence", as well as the Award for Excellence "Most Innovative hospital." Winner of "Manager of the Year", "Varna Prize", badge of honor and honorary diploma for outstanding contribution and active participation in changes in the Bulgarian health protection and for raising the prestige of Varna Medical University.

Prof. Krasimir Ivanov is an innovator in his field. He is responsible for the discovery, implementation and validation of the results of many innovative methods and technologies. These directions in his biography date from the time of his first dissertation "Towards the diagnosis and surgical treatment of rectal cancer" in 1996, inventing a completely new approach in the diagnosis of rectal cancer – three dimensional assessment of endo-rectal ultrasound through the newly created software later embedded in all modern ultrasound stations. The first scientific Inquiry in literature still belongs to prof. K. Ivanov – Ivanov K., C. Diacov - Three-dimensional endoluminal ultrasound – new staging technique in patients with rectal cancer - Dis Col Rectum 40 , 1997, (1) 47-50.


Prof. Diana Ivanova, PhD, DSc

M.Sc. in Molecular Biology (Medical university of Sofia, Bulgaria),  Ph.D. in Cell Biology  (Moscow State University, Russia),  visiting scientist (Uppsala Genetic Center, SLU, Sweden and the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA). Research interests in Molecular nutrition and Nutrigenomics for the implementation of Food and nutrition public health state policy. Twenty five years of research expertise. Collaborative projects on FP7, EEA, COST, CHAFEA, Bulgarian Ministry of Education. A special interest in Medicinal plants biological effects area. Awarded the Blue Ribbon Honorary Sign for excellence in science and for contribution to the international academic prestige of Varna Medical University.




Prof. Christina Grupcheva MD, PhD, DSc, FEBO, FICO(Hon), FBCLA ​

Medical doctor, eye specialist, Master in Public Health. Over twenty years of clinical research expertise. Collaborative projects with the University of Auckland, New Zealand and European Academic Institutions. Special interests in ophthalmology – ocular surface, dry eye, contact lenses, nutrition and UV protection. Collaborative research projects on MPPT, COST, FNI. Expertise in microstructural analysis in vivo using confocal microscopy.


Prof. Anton B. Tonchev MD, PhD, DSc

Over fifteen years of experimental research experience in neurosciences. Collaborative projects with the research groups from the Max-Plank-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kanazawa, Japan, University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Special interests in the field of neural stem/progenitor cells (in particular primate), neuroregeneration, neurodegenerative disorders, developmental neurosciences and mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders.




Prof. Violeta Yotova, MD, PhD, DSc

Clinician – Paediatrician and Paediatric Endocrinologist, with over twenty years of experience in research mainly in the fields of childhood diabetes, obesity and rare diseases. Expertise in epidemiologic, public health (interventional) and clinical trials, case-control and case studies. International collaborative projects (EURODIAB/DiaMond, ESPE Research Grant, 7th FP of EC, COST BM1303, etc.).



Prof. Vanya Goranova, MD, PhD

Prof. Vanya Goranova, MD, PhD has been a university teacher for many years at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at Varna Medical University. She has participated in various scientific projects with colleagues from the Human Anatomy Institute at "La Sapienza" University in Rome, Italy, Dept. of Neurology at Washington University in Saint Louis, USA, Dept. of Children Neurology at Humboldt University in Berlin and Carl Gustav Carus University in Dresden, Germany. Her scientific interests are mainly in the field of neurogenesis, brain/spinal cord trauma, neurodegenerative disorders and neuroregeneration.