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Competitive-based session 2017

Fund "Nauka" Project № 17003

"Creation of a structure for dynamic determination of peripheral visual acuity in patients with implanted intraocular lenses and socially significant diseases"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Binna Nencheva, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17004

"Creation of a structure for precision topography of the anterior ocular segment for early diagnosis of corneal diseases, as well as in patients with cataract and glaucoma"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Yana Manolova, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17006

"Production of allogeneic bone grafts and assessment of the effect of their application by histomorphometric analysis of solid cuts"

Project leader: Prof. Vladimir Panov, MD, PhD, DSc

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17008

"An innovative infrastructure for optical reconstruction of cells and tissues in normal and pathological conditions"

Project leader: Prof. Anton Bozhidarov Tonchev, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17010

"New RGD / Polyamines – synthesis and study for antitumor activity"

Project leader: Prof. Stefka Valcheva-Kuzmanova, MD, PhD, DSc

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17011

"Synthesis and characterization of a new generation of retinoids"

Project leader:  Assoc. prof. Svetlana Fotkova Georgieva, PhD 

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17013

"Investigation and analysis of the circulating in north-eastern Bulgaria HDV genotypes"

Project leader: Chief assist. prof. Zhivka Demireva-Kalcheva, MD, PhD 

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17015

"Studying the effects of sulfur-containing mineral waters on the sulphur metabolism of humans"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Milka Nashar, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17016

"Investigating the effectiveness of the low energy infrared laser in influencing an oral pain symptomatology"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Miglena Balcheva – Eneva, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17018

"Measuring of carbohydrates, proteins and phenolic compounds in Black Sea algae of the species Cystoseira barbata and Ulva rigida"

Project leader: Prof. Lyubomir Makedonski, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 17020

"Preparation of anthocyanin-rich extract of elderberry (Sambucus ebulus) and characterization of its biological activity in connection with the establishment of adaptogenic potential with a view to its use as a raw material in the production of food and medicinal products"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Yoana Kiselova-Kaneva, PhD

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