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Competitive-based session 2018

Fund "Nauka" Project № 18001

"An express method for the study of the relation between optical properties and the antioxidant effect of extracts of medicinal herbs and drinks from traditional fruits"

Project leader: Prof. Krastena Nikolova, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18002

"Seroprevalence of toxocarosis in risk groups and general population of Northeastern Bulgaria"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Kalina Stoyanova, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18004

"Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of septic patients. Personalization of antimicrobial dosing regimens. Introduction of new inflammatory markers in clinical practice – NGAL and Procalcitonin as diagnostic and prognostic tools, determining the therapeutic approach for sepsis"

Project leader: Prof. Vilian Platikanov, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18008

"Bulgarian health system performance assessment – efficiency, equity, sustainability"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Maria Rohova, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18015

"DNA analysis in children with unknown rare genetic disorders"

Project leader: Prof. Liudmila Angelova, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18017

"Comparative characteristics of metabolic markers in postmenopausal women with osteopenia and osteoporosis"

Project leader: Prof. Kiril Hristozov, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18025

"Establishment of an infrastructure for 3D- and bioprinting of personalized spatially controlled implants, prostheses, medical devices and consumables for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in MU-Varna"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Stoyan Pavlov, MD, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18027

"Lipid nanoparticles – a modern technological approach for inclusion of hyperforin with improved chemical stability in topical formulations for accelerated wound healing"

Project leader: Assoc. prof. Velichka Andonova, PhD

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18030

"Tissue and serum expression of Nrf2, NF-KB, HO-1, 4-НNE and their potential as biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction in an experimental model of metabolic syndrome"

Project leader: Prof. Ganka Bekyarova, MD, PhD, DSc

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Fund "Nauka" Project № 18036

"Identification of biomarkers in saliva for evaluation of the risk profile of the gingival health at child's age"

Project leader: prof. Diana Ivanova, PhD, DSc

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