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Medical University of Varna has a mission to create and develop quality medical professionals through continuous improvement of their knowledge and practical skills. The educational, training and clinical activity of UCEM-MU-Varna is carried out in accordance with the national legislation, normative acts and ethical documents in the field of public and individual health.

UCIM-MU-Varna works with the best and quality equipment in the field of Eastern medicine, a large range of new devices and consumables of the highest quality. Modern devices are combined with proven methods from ancient times.


  • Bioscanner
According to quantum medicine, the basis of any disease is the change in the rotation of electrons around its own axis, as well as that of the orbital rotation of electrons around the atomic nucleus. This leads to changes at the atomic, cellular and tissue levels. The quantum analyzer works on this principle and is a high-tech device, a product of the integration between medicine, bioinformatics, electrical engineering and others modern sciences. It analyzes health condition and gives recommendations for prevention, using quantum technology to account for the weak magnetic field emitted by the human body. The method is non-invasive and gives the most general idea of the localization of the patient's health problem. On this basis, laboratory tests and highly specialized diagnostic activities can be purposefully appointed at the discretion of doctors (general practitioners and narrow specialists).

  • Eliton

The device "Eliton" is a physiotherapeutic multifunctional device for complex impact, designed for the treatment and prevention of various diseases with low-frequency pulse current, pulsed electromagnetic oscillations with low voltage, red and blue light and mechanical frequency sound oscillations. It is used for electroacupuncture, quantum, microvibration and electromagnetic therapies. It is used in diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and urinary systems, as well as in post-traumatic conditions and skin diseases. Contraindications for the use of the device are malignant diseases, the active form of tuberculosis, acute myocardial infarction, pacemaker, pregnancy, end-stage renal disease.

  • SCENAR Therapy
SCENAR successfully combines ancient methods and modern technical achievements. The effects are related to the normalization of hormonal status, metabolism and vascular tone, as well as tissue regeneration. SCENAR-therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and local hyperemic effect. The active phase of the disease process is shortened and the chronicity of the diseases is prevented. In connection with the expanded capabilities of SCENAR and its effects, it can be used in various diseases of the ears-nose-throat, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urinary systems; gynecological, skin, allergic, eye, dental and oncological diseases; pain syndrome of various etiologies, immunodeficiency states in children. It is also used in other conditions such as stress, phobias, diabetic gangrene, withdrawal syndrome, Meniere's syndrome, hemophilia. Contraindications to SCENAR-therapy are severe mental illness, alcohol intoxication, acute infectious diseases of unknown etiology, pacemaker.

  • Medical laser "Biolase"
The medical laser "Biolase" is suitable for laser acupuncture, including and in the facial area, works with a red laser diode in the visible light spectrum, with a constant low-power beam. Laser acupuncture is the method of choice in all cases where classical acupuncture with an acupuncture needle is contraindicated, as well as in infants and young children, skin and mucous membrane diseases.  

  • Electroacupuncture device KWD-808 Multi-purpose Health Device

It is used for electroacupuncture and is six-channel, which allows to cover larger areas. Produces pulse currents with adjustable parameters. The type and parameters of the current are selected according to the purpose of the procedure - analgesia, relaxation of spastic muscles, increased general excitability or stimulating techniques for general fatigue, weakness of the muscles of the skeletal or internal organs, decreased libido, hormonal stimulation.

Methods of impact:

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is considered one of the oldest therapeutic methods, which is based on the doctrine of biologically active points, meridians and energy. According to the understanding of modern medicine, the acupuncture effect is an established physiotherapeutic method and is regulated by the Bulgarian legislation through the medical standard of the specialty "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine". In UCEM-MU-Varna it is performed by certified doctors who have acquired acupuncture qualification with acupuncture needles made of stainless steel. The acupuncture needles used by UCEM-MU-Varna are for single use and are permitted for use by the Bulgarian legislation (with a thickness of 0.16 mm to 0.35 mm and a length of up to 40 mm). Electroacupuncture is a method that combines the effects of electric current introduced through acupuncture needles. Laser acupuncture is known as "light puncture" or "photo puncture". Sonopuncture is the application of vibrational energy using ultrasound at acupuncture points. Auriculotherapy is an effect (acupressure or acupuncture) on the biologically active points located in the auricle. In acupressure, dosed pressure is applied to the biologically active points.

  • Moxotherapy (moxibustion)
A method from Chinese traditional medicine, combining the effects of heat and dried herbs in biologically active points. Approved by the standard of the specialty "Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine", moxa therapy is applied alone or in combination with acupuncture. Both methods have gone hand in hand since ancient times. The millennial practice has shown that the most effective is the heating of smoldering wild wormwood in the shape of cones and cigars. There are mainly two types of cigars - pressed smokeless and wrapped in porous paper. Those that are wrapped in paper usually smolder faster and emit smoke with a strong specific odor, which through the airways has an additional beneficial effect on the whole body.
Moxa type "Cigar"
Self-adhesive moxa
Needle moxa


  • Meridian massage

Meridian massage is a traditional ancient Chinese technique for balancing the mind, spirit and body, used alone or in combination with other methods (aromatherapy, acupuncture). Its impact is based on the understanding of the meridian system. This type of massage is used for general impact and relaxation of the body, as well as to regulate the flow of energy, impact on individual systems and organs. The principles of application of meridian massage are based on traditional Chinese medicine for the flow of energy along the meridians and the biologically active points located on them. Meridian massage is used prophylactically or for diseases - disc herniation, post-stroke conditions, cervical-brachial plexitis, lumbosacral radiculitis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, depression, fatigue, stress and insomnia, migraine and headache.

  • Zonotherapy

Zonotherapy has its historical origins in antiquity (Egypt, India, China) and is based on the perception that all organs, glands or parts of the body located in one area have their own reflexogenic points in the foot. Zonotherapy regulates the imbalance in the human body by affecting the reflex zones of the feet and palms. Zonotherapy can be used as an auxiliary diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic tool, as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other physical factors.

  • Manual and hardware lymphatic drainage

Lymphedema is caused by impaired lymph flow and manifests itself clinically with an increase in the volume and deformation of the affected limb, loss of functional ability, physical discomfort and psychological distress.

Manual and hardware lymphatic drainage are a major part of restorative lymphatic therapy. Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique that stimulates lymphangiomotor activity. The specialists at UCIM-MU-Varna apply the manual lymphatic drainage according to the methods of Prof. Ledyuk and Prof. Pascal-Kushe. The hardware lymphatic drainage follows the principles of the manual, using pneumatic multi-chamber cuffs, through which sequential compression is created. It can complement decongestant lymphatic therapy and is also effective in overweight and cellulite. UCEM-MU-Varna is equipped with an innovative lymphatic drainage device with eight programs, which allows an individual approach to the patient's problem.

  • Cupping therapy

One of the oldest remedies is cupping therapy. The cups are made of different materials - glass, plastic, silicone, bamboo and more. The therapeutic effect of treatment with cupping therapy is due to the slight vacuum between the skin and the suction cup. The skin receptors react reflexively, hyperemia occurs, the biologically active points are activated and the peripheral blood and lymph circulation is improved. Cupping therapy is used in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, neuralgia, radiculitis, myositis, colds and flu.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy ("aroma therapy") is a method of treatment with a thousand-year history. From ancient times the plants and their extracts, including. essential oils have been an integral part of traditional medicine. Essential oils are highly concentrated natural products with a strong, rich aroma, easily penetrate the skin and evaporate very quickly. Each of them is a unique mixture of chemical compounds with healing properties. Essential oils have an effect on psycho-emotional tone, the function of internal organs and maintain health. They are applied in the form of aromatic baths, diffusion, inhalations, directly on the skin by massage or in reflexogenic zones, internal intake. They combine very well with other Eastern methods and means, which enhances their therapeutic effect.

  • Manual anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite (lipodystrophy) is a disorder in the structure of the individual layers of the skin due to uneven accumulation of subcutaneous adipose tissue and circulatory disorders. In medical practice, this condition is considered not only as a cosmetic defect, but also as a disease associated with a potentially serious infection affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue. To diagnose cellulite, specific tests and examinations are applied to determine the exact location, type and degree of cellulite accumulations. Along with this, a general examination of the whole body is performed to identify concomitant diseases or abnormalities in the anatomical structures. In UCEM-MU-Varna is applied manual anti-cellulite massage to improve blood supply and lymph flow in cellulite areas, eliminate retained fluids and reduce body fat. The production of collagen and elastin is activated, muscle tone and the function of the sebaceous glands are increased.

  • Oncology rehabilitation

The oncological disease has a high degree of social significance and supposes the readiness of the health system for long-term specialized medical and rehabilitation care. Oncology rehabilitation is an opportunity to deal with postoperative complications, as well as some of the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In essence, it is a set of several kinesitherapy techniques performed in a strictly defined algorithm, focusing on lymphedema and heaviness of the limbs (upper and lower), pain, tingling, limited range of motion, fatigue and apathy.


  • Treatment by movement

Movement therapy is a set of methods, techniques and tools and covers all types and forms of movement as a healing factor. Movement treatment is used to restore, strengthen and prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, urinary and genital systems. The advantage of kinesitherapy is that it has no age restrictions and is suitable for both children and adults. The team of UCEM-MU-Varna is profiled in different areas of treatment through movement in order to improve the quality of life of the patient.