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Presentation of UCEM

The University Center for Eastern Medicine (UCEM) is a center in the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna (MU-Varna), established as a structural unit of the faculty by decision of the Academic Council under protocol №39 /19.01.2015. UCEM conducts practical training of students, doctoral students and specialists in the field of Eastern medicine, kinesitherapy and rehabilitation, clinical activities, as well as scientific and applied activities. The relations of UCЕM-MU-Varna with other units of the healthcare system, scientific organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad are carried out through the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Rector of MU-Varna.
The main goal of UCЕM-MU-Varna is to help improve the quality of practical training of students, doctoral students in the field of Eastern medicine, kinesitherapy and rehabilitation and for the introduction of good world practices. The main tasks of UCEM-MU-Varna, by creating conditions for access to constantly education, improvement and updating of knowledge, are to provide: professional qualification of students, doctoral students and specialists in the field of unconventional and conventional medicine, adequate to the current needs of health services market; acquisition of practical skills by students, doctoral students and specialists; development of innovations based on modern technologies, as well as services; teaching approaches and lifelong learning practices; increasing the possibilities for application of different methods of treatment in the educational and healing processes; formation of qualified staff with motivation and autonomy of action within their professional duties. UCEM-MU-Varna performs the functions of a specialized structural unit of MU-Varna on the problems of Eastern medicine, kinesitherapy and rehabilitation; base for practical training of students, doctoral students and specialists, as well as for continuing education of specialists; research base.

Upcoming events

The University Center for Eastern Medicine at MU-Varna celebrates its 5th anniversary

The University Center for Eastern Medicine at the Medical University of Varna celebrates its 5th anniversary. The anniversary will be marked with a scientific conference on "Eastern Medicine and the Bulgarian Patient".
The Jubilee Scientific Conference is held in electronic form with working languages Bulgarian, English and Russian. Reports lasting up to 20 minutes are provided in the form of a video presentation at: until October 30, 2020.
They will be published on the website of UCEM at MU-Varna on November 9, 2020.
Questions on the published video reports are expected from November 16 to November 30, 2020 by e-mail:
All participants in the scientific forum will receive certificates.

tel.0889 930 960


Past events

Training "Ayurveda - Introduction and Diagnostics" was held at UCEM-MU-Varna with a lecturer Dr. Thacha Paramban Naushad from the Center for Ayurveda Medicine and Yoga Therapy in Moscow, Russian Federation (graduate of the University of Calcutta, India and the First Moscow State Medical University "I. M. Sechenov").

Within a one-day course (29.03.2018, working language English) thirty-seven medical professionals got acquainted with the basics of the Ayurveda system and received an international certificate. The lecture course was filmed by MU-Vi tv for training and educational purposes and was provided to UCEM-MU-Varna. The partners discussed the perspective in the development of their relations, including realization of a one-month program for Ayurveda-nutrition for detoxification of patients with such a need in hotel conditions on the territory of Varna.

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The team of UCEM-MU-Varna participates in the International Conference on Health and Medical tourism, which took place in the period 28.06-01.07.2018 in the hotel "Admiral", Golden Sands resort with guest lecturer Assoc. Prof. Dr.Yes Juan Kang, President of the University of Traditional Medicine in Vietnam. The head of UCEM-MU-Varna Prof. Dr. Paraskeva Mancheva, MD invited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kahn and his assistants to a working visit to UCIM-MU-Varna, where discussions were held on the possibilities for the development of Eastern medicine in Bulgaria. In order to develop the activities of UCEM-MU-Varna and Eastern medicine in Bulgarian conditions, a Cooperation Agreement was concluded for:

  • development of training and educational-healing programs including the use of unconventional methods for beneficial effects on individual health, Eastern medicine, exercise, etc;
  •  organizing and conducting conferences, training seminars;
  •  project work;
  • joint research.


From 17 to 28 September 2018, the distinguished specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Fenny Unita, a lecturer at the Medical Faculty of Tarumanegara University in Jakarta and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Indonesian International Institute of Natural Sciences, visited Varna at the invitation of the Medical University Varna at the University Center for Eastern Medicine.

Watch the video here.
Dr. Unita conducted training in acupuncture, aimed at medical professionals (22 participants, participation fee BGN 200, working language English). The lectures and practical demonstrations took place in the University Hospital "St. Marina ", and the graduates received an international certificate according to Report I009-629 / 12.09.2018. As part of the practical demonstrations, Dr. Unita also consulted patients from Varna and the country. At the end of the course, Dr. Unita donated to UCEM-MU-Varna the electroacupuncture device with which the practical demonstrations were performed. An opportunity was offered to continue the partnership in the form of online consultations in solving the patient's problems. Prof. T. Kostadinova, Assoc. Prof. A. Dokova, V. Marinova and the Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Varna Mr. Krassimir Simov met with Dr. Fenny Unita during the work process.

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World Acupuncture Day at UCEM-MU-Varna - 15.11.2018: World Acupuncture Day was marked with various demonstrations at the Center for Eastern Medicine at the Medical College Varna.

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