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MU-Varna with 11 Medals and a New Swimming Record

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The Library of MU-Varna

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The Bulgarian Council for Electronic Media gave license of the

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Doctors from 12 Nationalities Are Graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at MU-Varna

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A Mini Volcano at a Seminar in Chemistry

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MU - Varna celebrates the European Maritime Day on 19th and 20th of May with a variety of events: a National Forum with international participation entitled "Sea and Health", a demonstrative diving with an open lesson on Maritime Medicine and Maritime Pathophysiology, a charity exhibition "The Sea – Wealth and Inspiration", a garden party, cleaning the beach of "Asparuhovo" .               See more​​



Expect one of the most emblematic events combining the beautiful minds and amazing appearances of our students –the "Miss and Mister MU – Varna" Contest on May 25th 2015, club Extravaganza, 10:00 PM.

Get ready for many funny moments, new acquaintances and positive emotions!


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